Taiwanese National Palace Museum

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Taiwanese National Palace Museum holds works of ancient objects, textiles, carvings, paintings, calligraphic works, tapestries and embroideries, rare books and archival documents. 

Artworks originate from Neolithic period and ancient dynasties of mainland China: Han, Shan, Qin, Xin and Song dynasties, Spring and Autumn period, Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms and Warring States periods to modern Republic of China. 

You can find images of bronzes, ceramics, jades, lacquer wares, coins, documents, calligraphic model books and miscellaneous objects. 

Among drawn topics most commonly represented are flowers and birds, mountains, Chinese ships, portraits and people socialising.

How to find images?

1. Visit https://theme.npm.edu.tw/opendata/index.aspx?lang=2.
2. Choose ‘Images’.
3. Choose ‘Images’ once again.
Now you can see all collection items.

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Choose ‘By Category’ various categories and then click on ‘Search’:
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If you wish us to curate this collection for creators, make it searchable by keywords and easy to use, please consider supporting our platform.


If you wish us to curate this collection for creators, make it searchable by keywords and easy to use, please consider supporting our platform.

Is the digital scan under an open licence?

Yes, all digital scans in this collection are under open licence.

More information by the provider:
Open Data
See note on ‘Publishing’

Is the original work in the public domain?

Most likely, yes, original works are in the public domain in most of the European countries.


However, if you intend to use images for commercial purposes you might want to do additional checks to assess any risk.

Please note, it is always your personal responsibility to make sure the original work is out of copyright in all countries where you distribute your new creative works. The supplier of the digital scan cannot guarantee this. 

How to continue searching?

How to view search results?

Go to the main page with all collection items (see section ‘How to find images?’). You can continue searching by dynasty or keyword.

How to continue browsing?

How to view an image?

Go to the image page. You can print the image.

How to view image metadata?

Go to the image page. In English you can find:

  • Dynasty
  • Author
  • Category
How to download?

1. Go to the image page.
2. Click on ‘Download’ button.
3. You will get a Zip file with a large TIFF image and Json file.

How to attribute?

Artist name, Title, Date. Taiwanese National Palace Museum. Open licence (e.g. CC0 ) + a link

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